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On Derivations of Subtraction Algebras Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Yong Ho Yon, Kyung Ho Kim
The Metric Connection with Respect to the Synectic Metric Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Melek Aras
(r,s)-Convergent Nets Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
H. Aygün, S.E. Abbas
Soft Bi-Ideals Related to Generalized Fuzzy Bi-Ideals in Semigroups Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
O. Kazancı, Ş. Yılmaz
Sharpening and Generalizations of Carlson's Double Inequality for the Arc Cosine Function Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
J.-L. Zhao, C.-F. Wei, B.-N. Guo, F. Qi
On some Common Fixed Point Theorems with Rational Expressions on Cone Metric Spaces over a Banach Algebra Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Mahpeyker Öztürk, Metin Başarır
On Comparing Zagreb Indices of Graphs Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Batmend Horoldagva, Kinkar Ch. Das
On Generalized Fuzzy Interior Ideals in G-Semigroups Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
S.K. Sardar, B. Davvaz, S.K. Majumder, S. Kayal
Fixed Point Theorems for a Pair of Mappings Satisfying a Generalized Weakly Contractive Condition in Ordered Metric Spaces Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Hemant Kumar Nashine, Ishak Altun
New Inequalities for Maximum Modulus Values of Polynomial Functions Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Adem Çelik
On Solutions of a Generalized Quadratic Functional Equation of Pexider Type Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Mohammad Janfada, Rahele Shourvazi
On Functions that are Janowski Starlike with respect to N-Symmetric Points Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Nikola Tuneski, Maslina Darus
Classification of Cubic Edge-Transitive Graphs of Order 14p2 Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Mehdi Alaeiyan, Mohsen Lashani
A Note on Neighbourhoods for Approach Spaces Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Gunther Jaeger
Fixed and Related Fixed Point Theorems for Three Maps in G-Metric Spaces Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
M. Abbas, T. Nazir, W. Shatanawi, Z. Mustafa
Variable Selection for Joint Mean and Dispersion Models of the Lognormal Distribution Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
L.-C. Wu, Z.-Z. Zhang, D.-K. Xu
A New Restricted Model Using Correlation Coefficients as an Alternative to Cross-efficiency Evaluation in Data Envelopment Analysis Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Emine Demet Mecit, İhsan Alp

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