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Fixed Point Theorems on Generalized Fuzzy Metric Spaces Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
A. Deb Ray, P.K. Saha
Notes on Upper and Lower Bounds of two Inequalities for the Gamma Function Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Armend Sh. Shabani
IFP Ideals in Near-Rings Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Akin Osman Atagün
Numerical Solution of Bratu-type Equations by the Variational Iteration Method Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
B. Batiha
Rank Functions for Closed and Perfect [0, 1]-Matroids Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Xiu Xin, F.-G. Shi
Submersion from Semi-Riemannian Manifolds onto Lightlike Manifolds Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Bayram Sahin, Yilmaz Gündüzalp
Mappings and Covering Properties in L-Topological Spaces Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
T. Baiju, Sunil Jacob John
Completion of Cone Metric Spaces Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Thabet Abdeljawad
Estimation of the Correlation Coefficient for Triangular Contingency Tables under the Bivariate Normal Distribution Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Serpil Aktas
Modeling Brain Wave Data by Using Artificial Neural Networks Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Cagdas H. Aladag, Erol Egrioglu, Cem Kadilar
Generalization of Inclusion Probabilities in Ranked Set Sampling Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Fikri Gokpinar, Yaprak A. Ozdemir
An Alternative Agreement Statistics with Linear Weight between Ordinal Categorical Measurements Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Mustafa Semiz, Bengü Ocak
Discrete Distributions Connected with the Bivariate Binormal Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
I. Bairamov, O. Elmastas Gultekin
Estimation of the Finite Population Mean in Two Phase Sampling when Auxiliary Variables are Attributes Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Javid Shabbir, Sat Gupta
A Model Selection Approach in Statistical Modeling Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Turhan Mentes

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