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Finite Length Modules over HNPs Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Certain Coefficient Inequalities for some Subclasses of Analytic Functions Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
T. Rosy, S. Kavitha, G. Murugusundaramoorthy
Di-Extremities on Textures Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
G. Yildiz, R. Ertürk
Some Matrix Transformations on Sequence Spaces of Invariant Means Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
On Quadrapell Numbers and Quadrapell Polynomials Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Dursun Tasci
On the Distance Estrada Index of Graphs Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
A.D. Güngör, S.B. Bozkurt
New Common Fixed Point Theorems of Greus Type for R-Weakly Commuting Mappings in 2-Metric Spaces Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
P.P. Murthy, Kenan Tas
Best Subordinants of the Strong Differential Superordination Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Gheorghe Oros, A.O. Taut
Some results on subtraction algebras Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Yilmaz Çeven, M.A. Öztürk
Factorizations of the Pascal Matrix via a Generalized Second Order Recurrent Matrix Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
E. Kiliç, N. Ömür, G. Tatar, Y.T. Ulutas
Reconstruction of Complex Jacobi Matrices from Spectral Data Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Gusein Sh. Guseinov
Altering Distance and Common Fixed Points under Implicit Relations Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Valeriu Popa, Marcelina Mocanu
Comparison of Estimators for Stress-Strength Reliability in the Gompertz Case Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Bugra Saraçoglu, M.F. Kaya, A.M. Abd-Elfattah
Comparison of the Iterative Stein-Rule and the Usual Estimators of the Error Variance under the Pitman Nearness Criterion Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Deniz Ünal, Güzin Yüksel
Bootstrap Percentile Confidence Intervals for Actual Error Rate in Linear Discriminant Analysis Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Cemal Atakan

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