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On a Subclass of Close-to-Convex Functions Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Z.-G. Wang, D.-Z. Chen
A Class of Functions and Separation Axioms with Respect to an Operation Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
C.K. Basu, B.M. Uzzal Afsan, M.K. Ghosh
The Stolarsky Type Functions and their Monotonicities Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
V. Lokesha, Z.-G. Wang, Z.-H. Zhang, S. Padmanabhan
A Subclass of Harmonic Functions Associated with Wright's Generalized Hypergeometric Functions Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
G. Murugusundaramoorthy, R.K. Raina
New Results Related to the Convexity and Starlikeness of the Bernardi Integral Operator Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
G. I. Oros
Bitopological S-Cluster Sets Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
S.M. Al-Areefi
Strong Versions of the Theorems of Weierstrass, Montel and Hurwitz Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
O. Duman
Elliptic Divisibility Sequences in Certain Ranks Over Finite Fields Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
B. Gezer, O. Bizim
On Meromorphic Harmonic Starlike Functions with Missing Coefficients Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Hakan Bostanci, Metin Öztürk
Research into Multiple Outliers in Linear Regression Analysis Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Baris Asikgil, Aydin Erar
Testing Binary Parametric Models Against their Semiparametric Alternatives Using Commands Written in Version 4.8 of the XploRe Package Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Özge Akkus, Hüseyin Tatlidil
Efficient Estimators for the Population Mean Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Nursel Koyuncu, Cem Kadilar

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