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Fuzzy Bi-G-Ideals in G-Semigroups Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
D.R.P. Williams, K.B. Latha, E. Ch,
Generalized Derivations as Homomorphisms or as Anti-Homomorphisms in a Prime Ring Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
A. Ali, D. Kumar
Compactness in Ditopological Texture Spaces Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
L.M. Brown, M.M. Gohar
Janowski Starlike Log-Harmonic Univalent Functions Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
Y. Polatoğlu, E. Deniz
s-Regular Matrices and a s-Core Theorem for Double Sequences Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
C. Çakan, B. Altay, H. Coşkun
Fixed Points of Contractive Mappings on Complete Cone Metric Spaces Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
İ. Şahin, M. Telci
Bayesian Estimation of the SHAPE Parameter of a Generalized PARETO Distribution under Asymmetric Loss Functions Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
H. P, , A.K. Rao
Usage of Different Prior Distributions in Bayesian Vector Autoregressive Models Full Text (English) Abstract (English)
V. Sevinç, G. Ergün

ISSN: 1303-5010