Numerical Comparative Mapping Study to Evaluate Performance of a Dual Sequential Spark Ignition Engine Fuelled with Ethanol and E85

Ahmet Alper Yontar
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The effects of ethanol and E85 usages on engine performance characteristics have been numerically investigated at a dual sequential spark ignition engine. The Honda L13A4 i-DSI (Intelligent-Dual Sequential Ignition) engine (intake-exhaust manifold connections, intake-exhaust lines, intake-exhaust valves, cylinder, cylinder head, piston, spark-plugs, throttle etc.) was modeled in Ricardo-Wave software for ethanol and E85 usages taking into account all components related to the engine. In the analysis, engine speeds ranging from 1000 rpm to 6000 rpm with an increment of 500 rpm, throttle angle ranging from 22.5° to 90° with an increment of 2.5°, 10.8:1 compression ratio, 0.9 air-fuel ratio were adjusted. In the 1-D model, performance maps were generated using the data obtained as a result of the analyzes. As a result of the study, E85 has been observed to perform better than ethanol usage for the Honda L13A4 i-DSI that the engine designed for the usage of gasoline.


Ethanol; E85; 1-D Model; Engine Performance; Engine Mapping; Dual Sequential Ignition

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