Vol 7, No 1 (2018)

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Weight Reduction Study on BIW by Using Boron Alloyed Hot Stamping Solution of Front Frame Rail Instead Conventional HSS or AHSS Applications PDF
Levent Aksel, Şaziye Efendioğlu, Harun Yeni, Çiğdem Bilge
Determining optimal artificial neural network training method in predicting the performance and emission parameters of a biodiesel-fueled diesel generator PDF
Şehmus Altun, Ömer Faruk Ertuğrul
A Comparative Analysis of In-Cylinder Flow, Heat Transfer and Turbulence Characteristics in Different Type Combustion Chamber PDF
Müjdat Fırat, Yasin Varol
Flame Radius Effects on a Sequential Ignition Engine Characteristics PDF
Ahmet Alper Yontar, Yahya Doğu
Fuzzy Logic Controller for Semi Active Suspension Based on Magneto-Rheological Damper PDF
Kazima Sosthene, Musabyimana Josee, Xiong Hui
The Determination of the Effect of Mixture Proportions and Production Parameters on Density and Porosity Features of Miscanthus Reinforced Brake Pads by Taguchi Method PDF
Mahmut Ünaldı, Recai Kuş
Experimental Study and Prediction of Performance and Emission in an SI Engine Using Alternative Fuel with Artificial Neural Network PDF
Mustafa Kemal Balki, Volkan Çavuş, İsmail Umut Duran, Resul Tuna, Cenk Sayin
Numerical analysis of elastomer buffer embedded in the suspension of automobile for vibration damping improvement PDF
Ahmad Partovi Meran

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