Developing a Macroscopic Lens Into Middle School Reform: Psychometric Properties of the AMLE SIA

Ayse Tugba Oner, Bilgin Navruz, Robert M Capraro
2.426 475


The purpose of this study was to assess the validity and reliability of the AMLE SIA, which was developed by the NMSA to provide the best educational programs for young adolescents to improve their skills. To promote these skills, NMSA suggested that schools needs to implement 16 characteristics nested within three categories. However, many middle schools failed to implement the practices. The reason might be the instrument itself due to including 96 items and the design. Therefore, the validity of the instrument was analyzed; response organization system was redesigned; the items were revised and eliminated by using regression (83 items); and the final instrument’s validity was analyzed by using EFA (73% of variance explained) and the reliability (.98) was calculated.


School Improvement Assessment; Validity; Reliability

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