A Longitudinal Study of the Relationship between Mathematics and Science Scores: The Case of Texas

Sevket Ceyhun Cetin, M Sencer Corlu, Mary M Capraro, Robert M Capraro
1.095 281


The relationship between mathematics and science is generally validated by common sense. There is a need to empirically show how student growth is affected as students transition to high school when a profound mathematical knowledge is no longer an option for success in science but is required. The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between mathematics and science scores acquired from a state-wide student achievement exam in Texas, USA, and how this relationship changes over the high school years. Results over four time points in mathematics and two time points in science, spanning 8th to 11th grades, showed a greater growth in mathematics than it did for science and a weaker correlation between the two content areas for under-represented ethnicities.

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