Vol 1, No 1 (2014)


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Evidence-Based Policy Making in Education PDF
Margaret Wu
The Effects of Reading Strategy Instruction via Electronic Storybooks on EFL Young Readers’ Reading Performance PDF
Fu Yu-Ju, Chen Shu-Hui, Wey Shyh-Chyi, Chen Shu-Chu
Exploring the Gap between College Cluster Natural Science and 1st Cycle Primary School Environmental Science Curriculum PDF
Zemenu Mihret Zewdie
Application of Interactive Whiteboard on Remedial Instruction for EFL Low Achievers PDF
Wey Shyh-Chyi, Lin Yeiu-Hsiu, Chen Shu-Chu
A Discussion about Errors in Algebra for Creation of Learning Object PDF
Thaísa Jacintho Müller, Helena Noronha Cury, José Valdeni de Lima

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