Various Ways of Inculcating New Solid Geometry Concepts

Dorit Patkin
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Acquaintance with various ways of inculcating concepts in any studied area of knowledge is one of teachers' duties, particularly mathematics teachers. Studies indicate errors and difficulties when inculcating concepts in mathematics and learning them. Many concepts have different meanings in different contexts. Hence, teachers should deal with the image of the concept by paying attention to its essence. They should also deal with misconceptions developed while inculcating the concept. The present paper describes an activity conducted with 28 teachers studying for an M.Ed. degree in mathematics education at a teacher education college. They attend a course of solid geometry, a topic which is perceived as extremely difficult for the learners. The activity focuses on two ways of inculcating a solid geometry concept: "an angle between a lateral face and a base of a pyramid" as one of the ways for developing spatial orientation. Upon completion of the activity, the paper illustrates the participants' responses regarding their perception of the advantages of each of the ways they experienced and their recommendations as to their preferred ways for inculcating new geometric concepts.


Different ways of inculcating concepts, From experience to definition, From definition to experience, An angle between a lateral face and a base of a pyramid

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Patkin, D. (2015). Various ways of inculcating new solid geometry concepts. International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science and Technology, 3(2), 140-154.

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