Arş. Grv. Selçuk Beşir DEMİR, Yrd. Doç. Dr. Hamza AKENGİN
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Problem: The aim of this study was to develop a valid and reliable attitude scale which measures sixth and seventh class students' attitudes towards Social Sciences Courses.

Method: This research was consisted of total number of 640 students, in sixth and seventh classes, continuing their education in Ordu, Muş, Diyarbakır and İstanbul in primary schools. Students chosen for study were constituted of 320 male students and 320 female students. 320 of the students were in sixth class and the others, 320 of them, were in seventh class. At first exploratory factor analysis and item analysis were used for scale's validity analysis, then confirmatory factor analysis was completed. Exploratory factor analysis was made by SPSS 17 packet program. Confirmatory factor analysis was made by Lisrel 8.8. Steps used to develop Scale for the study in this search were that; 1developing Clause Pole, 2 consulting the Expert(s), 3-composing Pre-Trial Test Form, 4-Factor Analysis.

Results: According to the results of factor analysis applied in the study; Kaiser Meyer Olkin (KMO) rate was founded as 0.906. Bartlett test result was founded as 2431.319. Cronbach alpha reliability coefficient was calculated as 0.932. The results of confirmatory factor analysis founded are below; Root Mean Square Error of Approximation (RMSEA) 0.028, P-Value for Test of Close Fit (RMSEA 0.05) 0.96, Standardized RMR 0.082, Goodness of Fit Index (GFI) 0.80, Adjusted Goodness of Fit Index (AGFI) 0.76, Normed Fit Index (NFI) 0.93, Comparative Fit Index (CFI) 0.99 and Relative Fit Index (RFI) 0.92. After analysis process; Incremental Fix Index (IFI) .0.99, Parsimony Goodness of Fit Index (PGFI) 0.67, Parsimony Normed Fit Index (PNFI) 0.87. In addition to results which are written above; Degrees of Freedom is 293, Root Mean Square Residual (RMR) is 0.14 and Non-Normed Fit Index (NNFI) is 0.99.

Conclusion and Recommendations: Attitude Scale for Social Sciences Course can be used for determining sixth and seventh class students' attitudes towards Social Sciences Course. Additionally, according to findings Social Sciences Course Attitude Scale is valid and reliable so it can be used for the aim of determining primary school students' negative and positive attitudes.

Key Words: Social Studies, Attitude Scale, Construct Validity, Reliability, Exploratory Factor Analysis, Confirmatory Factor Analysis

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