An Analysis of The Relationship Between Associate Vocational Technical Education and Employment Specific To Aircraft Technology Program

İlhan Atik
1.301 384


Associate programs centered upon vocational and technical education bear significant responsibility in the employment of young population. Associate programs intend to equip trainees with knowledge, skills and competence found in the fifth level of Turkey Higher Education Qualifications Framework. That the program goals and the expectations of labor market correspond to one another enables the graduates of these programs to be employed in the right sector. In recent years, our country has become a center in aviation sector. The growing employment opportunities that have been provided for flight crew and aircraft maintenance personnel have led higher education institutions to open up relevant programs. This study aims to discuss the problems the graduates of vocational technical education, which is carried out in associate level, face and the solutions to these problems. Through an analysis of the associate programs that provide training in the field of Aircraft Maintenance, the relevance of educational content and the goals of knowledge-skill-competence to market expectations will be evaluated.

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