Vol 4, No 4 (2016)

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Research Article

Long Term and Remote Health Monitoring with Smart Phones PDF
Pinar Kirci, Gokhan Kurt
Process Modelling and Simulation of a Simple Water Treatment Plant PDF
Vincent Anayochukwu Ani
A Low Cost Single Board Computer Based Mobile Robot Motion Planning System for Indoor Environments PDF
Serdar Solak, Emine Dogru Bolat, Adem Tuncer, Mehmet Yildirim
Fusion of Target Detection Algorithms in Hyperspectral Images PDF
Seniha Esen Yuksel, Ahmet Karakaya
Structure-Texture Decomposition of RGB-D Images PDF
Aykut Erdem
The Usage Of Artificial Neural Networks Method In The Diagnosis Of Rheumatoid Arthritis PDF
Kadir Tok, Ismail Saritas
Solution for the Travelling Salesman Problem with a Microcontroller-based Instantaneous System PDF
Ilhan Ilhan
A Region Covariances-based Visual Attention Model for RGB-D Images PDF
Erkut Erdem
Adaptive Control Solution for a Class of MIMO Uncertain Underactuated Systems with Saturating Inputs PDF
Ajay Kulkarni, Abhay Kumar
The Control of A Non-Linear Chaotic System Using Genetic and Particle Swarm Based On Optimization Algorithms PDF
Ercan Kose, Aydin Muhurcu

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