The Opinions of Parents Who Have Children between the Ages of 0-6 about Fatherhood Role

Fatma ÜNAL, Emine Ela KÖK
1.172 320


The purpose of this study is to examine parents who have children between the ages of 0-6 about fatherhood role. This research comprises voluntary mothers and fathers having children between the ages of 0-6 who live in Antalya. The design of this study is a qualitative phenomenological research in nature. Interviews were made with voluntary mothers and fathers within this research. Data collection was done through a semi-structured interview form. A pilot study was done with the interview form also functionalities of questions were checked. After the pilot study, the interview form was created and applied to the participants. The data obtained was coded and analyzed through content analysis. The findings obtained are significant both in term of analysing the views of parents about the role of father on child development, the role of father on childcare, the role of father on child training and revealing the similarities and differences of parents’ views on the role of fatherhood.

Keywords: Fatherhood role; Parent; Father; Early childhood period.

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