Impact of domestic violence in the manifestation of aggressive behavior among adolescent aged 15

Armen Mustafa
648 199


The main purpose of this study is to explore the impact of domestic violence in the manifestation of aggressive behavior among adolescents. Through this research study is aimed to promote research in this area for the purpose of awareness of people and society in Kosovo for consequences of domestic violence in general and children in particular. The reason for such a study lies in the fact that Kosovo society as a society in transition still suffering from the consequences of war and extreme Serbian violence, increasingly spreading phenomena which are based violence, such as domestic violence, violence against children, violence in schools, youth delinquency, etc. For this is designed a case study to get a unique perspective on the experience of domestic violence and its impact on the behavior of a teenager aged 15. Case study was conducted mainly through semi-structured interview. The data were supplemented with additional interviews with other persons and analyzed documentation. Data analysis was done through analysis of the phenomenological interpretation. The main question which is based on the study has been: Why adolescents aged 15 years from families with a history of violence demonstrate aggressive behavior toward others? The case study shows that adolescents in this age because of violence experienced, along with other problems, also demonstrate aggressive behavior, often by modelling the parents’ behavior.

Keywords: Domestic violence, violence against children, the aggression, adolescence

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