Kadare’s lexicon opposite the lexicon of the Albanian language

Luljeta Adili Celiku
626 99



It has been some time now that Ismail Kadare’s literary and artistic values have been spoken about. Many studies on his works have also taken place. The reason lies beyond his extraordinary and pleasant style as well as his linguistic capabilities that make him so special. He especially excels in the field of the lexicon and vocabulary. He writes in standard Albanian language, meaning that he abides by those spelling and grammatical rules as do the rest of Albanian writers and authors; however, this does not prevent him from expressing his linguistic egoism and peculiarity.

This paper is aimed at his language; at his linguistic contributions in the field of word-formation. He creates new words in Albanian in order to clean it from the impact of borrowings and foreign words, and even for stylistic purposes. In this study, we have tried to collect some of Kadare’s words in order to illustrate his engagement in this field. His specialty remains in the field of word formation and has to do with the scope he chooses and uses, with the areas where lexical inputs come from and word-formation means.

The words have been divided into two groups: in prefixed and suffixed ones. There are also mixed or compound creations. For every new word, the semantic meaning and the word to be replaced have also been given.

Key words: Kadare, input, selection, cleansing, language.

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