Information literacy: Educate through literacy

Nur Amanah Ilham Atjo, Muhammad Fadhil Pratama
624 123


The concepts and terms about “Information Literacy” has become general study in education studies. Information literacy is pivotal in this global world where the information literacy equip a person’s ability to access, understand and use the information intelligently. In higher education, in the learning process, students should be able to get used to a new way in education. Students must independently by finding, training themselves and absorbing the education material from lecturers. The development of highly advanced information technology has resulted the explosion of information so every student receives any information and from anywhere without limits and filters. Therefore, every student is required to have the ability to fulfill the information needs which is called “Information Literacy”. School of literacy implemented by Podjok Baca community aims to educate students so that they have the literacy skills because it is one of the basic needs to survive in the information age. In order to successfully fulfilling the need for information, it would require an understanding of information literacy through School of Literacy. Information literacy regarded as a very important skill and the key in solving problems which is known as “Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills”. This paper focusing on school of literacy activities by Podjok Baca Community which aims to know how far the application of “Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills” in information literacy.

Keywords: Educate, Information Literacy, School of Literacy, Skills, Technology


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