Automated Antonym Dıctıonary Generatıon Tool For Turkısh (AADICT)

Çağdaş Can Birant, Özlem Aktaş, Özgün Koşaner, Belgin Aksu, Yaçın Çebi
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In this paper, an Automated Antonym Dictionary Generation Tool for Turkish (AADICT) was briefly described and the development process of the algorithms was given in details.

By applying the AADICT on to the data of Contemporary Turkish Dictionary, which is published by Turkish Linguistic Association (TDK: Türk Dil Kurumu), antonyms and opposite words database was obtained. The antonym dictionary generation process was carried out by applying three processes. As a result of these processes, the definite antonyms were classified as Definite Antonym (Dn) and put into the Antonym List (ALi). Some words, which could not be classified as Dn,were classified as “Ambiguity” and stored in a file called Ambiguity File (AF) to be checked out by supervised methods to build more reliable antonym database.

The antonyms database, which is called “Definite Antonyms Database (DADB)”, for Contemporary Turkish Dictionary was built by applying AADICT, has been currently published as “Turkish Antonyms Dictionary” on the official web site of TDK. This dictionary will help the students that get as lesson in the school at any level or learn Turkish as a foreign language.

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