International Journal of Science Culture and Sport (IntJSCS)

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International Journal of Science Culture and Sport (IntJSCS) is published quarterly (March, June, September, December) by the International Science Culture and Sport Association (ISCSA) which was established in Ankara, Turkey, in 2010.

The basic aim of the journal is to carry out researches on different disciplines of social sciences, more specifically on cultural and sport studies. Through the production of scientific researches, IntJSCS hopes to contribute to the internationalization process of ISCSA. Therefore the journal accepts researches only in English language from all over the world. IntJSCS also is open to any kinds of institutional cooperation, proposals for special issues in related fields, volunteer supports, and any kinds of donations. Through a strong cooperation and wide international network, we believe that IntJSCS will be an important agent for ISCSA in the near future.

IntJSCS is covered by Index Copernicus, CrossRef, DOAJ, Google Scholar, Research Bible, DRJI, Mendeley, Open Access Journals, Academic Keys, Scientific Indexing Services, Journal Index, ASOS, İSAM, Arastirmax, and is also being reviewed many other important indexes. 

Main principals of IntJSCS should be listed as following;

Internationalization: IntJSCS tries to create a real international publication with authors, reviewers and advisors from various countries. Besides, it tries to be selective for any kinds of publications which would take interest of international readers aswell.  

Blind peer-review:
 All manuscripts submitted to IntJSCS undergo double blind peer-review. 

Open Access: Open Access makes knowledge available to all readers free of charge, therefore enables high visibility for researchers and high citation rates for the authors.

Vol 4, No 3 (2016): Number: 19

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IntJSCS is published by International Science Culture and Sport Association (ISCSA).