Abdominopelvic inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor detected in a five month-old infant: a case report

Zeliha Esin Çelik, Burcu Sanal Yılmaz, Tamer Sekmenli, Yavuz Köksal
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The inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor (IMT) is a rare
tumor with intermediate potential of malignancy usually
encountered in children and young adults and located in
lungs, abdominopelvic and retroperitoneal areas. The etiology
and pathogenesis of IMT are still uncertain. IMT can
mimic various benign or malignant tumors due to absence
of specific clinical or radiologic findings. Determination
of immunohistochemical ALK positivity can be helpful in
differential diagnosis and prediction of prognosis. Herein,
we present a case of abdominopelvic IMT detected in a
5 months old girl with preoperative diagnosis of neuroblastoma
and discuss its clinical and pathological characteristics.

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İnflamatuar myofibroblastik tümör; abdominopelvik; ALK

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