Image Reconstruction for Head Laser Tomography System

Hüseyin Özgür Kazancı
3.578 491


New hardware and image reconstruction algorithm for diffuse optical imaging (DOI) is presented in this work. Image reconstruction approach for new biomedical imaging device is presented. General-purpose laser scanner was used as a data acquisition unit for back-reflected laser light. It has one photodetector. One photodiode used with surface scanning process might be considered as multi detector system. Photodiode, inside the laser scanner collects escaping photons from tissue surface, can be evaluated as many photodetectors. Photodiode collects back reflected escaping photons from heterogeneous tissue or tissue like phantom media’s each surface line pixel. Basically, solenoid mirror relay vibrates the laser pointer at surface, in very short time interval. Back reflected laser light is collected by one photodiode. In this work, noncontact laser scanning tomography device concept and simulative image reconstruction procedure is presented. Image reconstruction was done base on the isobestic blood dependent laser wavelength, which is 850 nm.

Anahtar kelimeler

Diffuse Optical Imaging (DOI), Laser Data Acquisition, Image Reconstruction

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