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The long-running non-resolution of the Cyprus problem and the recognition of the Greek Cypriot Administration as the sole representative of the whole island make the problem much more complicated. The apology of Israel from Turkey regarding the Mavi Marmara incident is closely related to Israel’s search for a powerful ally in order to transport its hydrocarbon reserves to European markets, and benefit from these resources more efficiently. One of the well-known paradigms of realism is apt here: “In international relations, there exist no eternal friendships and eternal enmities. One only mentions the states’ interests.” Parties are defining policies towards the Eastern Mediterranean based on national interests. The competition among regional and global powers on the exploration, production and transportation of Eastern Mediterranean hydrocarbon reserves will likely continue. Unsurprisingly, EU policy makers have noted the increasing dependence on imports from unstable regions as a serious risk, and identified the need for diversification of suppliers as a key component of the more ‘coherent external energy policy.

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