An Evaluation Of Strawberry Production In Terms Of Plant Nutrition And Farmer Applications: Evidences From Gediz River Basin, Turkey

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Emiralem located in Gediz river basin which is having a significant agricultural potential is a county familiar with strawberry production. The fact that production style in the basis of yield associated with careless fertilizer use gave rise to soil, water and air pollution has become a threat to the environment. This study aims at describing the current circumstances on probable jeopardies toward human health and environmental pollution and examines the producer behaviors in order to increase the production potential of the region. For this purpose a survey of 67 producers covering 150 structured questions was carried out in the area. The data was analyzed via some descriptive statistical analysis techniques and particularly Analytical Hierarchy Process. The analysis depicted that the producers were seeking both quality and quantity during the strawberry production. It is also deduced that the farmers should be trained for sensitive production applications to environment via extension services. 

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