Adsorption of Acid Red 114 onto Fe3O4@Caffeic acid recycable magnetic nanocomposite

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In this study, the adsorption capacity of caffeic acid (CFA) functionalized Fe3O4 magnetic recyclable nanocomposite (Fe3O4@CFA MNCs) for removal of industrial dye Acid Red 114 (AR 114) was investigated. The max. adsorption (qm) of the Fe3O4@CFA MNCs for AR114 was 333 mg/g without pH correction of the solution. Compared with other studies these adsorbent possess very adsorption capacity for AR114 dye. The adsorption isotherm data and the process of adsorption kinetics were fitted using the Langmuir equation and a pseudo-second-order kinetic model that showed chemisorption may be the rate controlling step in the adsorption processes. It was proved which the magnetic NMs technology was contributed by this study which can be a new and covetable alternative for organic contaminant adsorption. Furthermore, the reusability of the Fe3O4@CFA MNCs was investigated and significant removal of AR114 obtained even after five cycles

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J. Turk. Chem. Soc., Sect. A: Chem.