Derya Unlu, Aynur Hacıoglu, Nilufer Hilmioglu
818 134


Pervaporation membrane reactor which is  a combination of reaction and separation units in one device is  membrane aided processes. Reaction equilibrium is shifted towards the products side due to the selective removal of the one of the products by the membrane, thus conversion is increased in the thermodynamic and kinetic limited reactions.  In this study, polymeric blend membranes were prepared. Aluminum potassium sulfate dodecahydrate was used as catalyst. Chitosan and poly(vinylpyrrolidone) polymers were utilized for blend polymer solution. Reaction of ethanol and acetic acid was chosen as  a model reaction. Effect of the temperature, amount of catalyst and initial molar ratio of reactants on the conversion of levulinic acid, pervaporation flux and selectivity were investigated and interpreted.

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