Hayrunnisa Mazlumoglu, Mustafa Şahin Gülaboğlu
1.008 228


There has been an increase in energy requirements linked to the advances in technology. For energy production, the most common method is the use of fossil fuels to obtain energy by processing in thermal power stations (DPT, 2001). For waste gas treatments which reduce the damage to the environment caused by power stations, the wet flue gas desulfurization process is commonly used. Mardin-Mazıdağı phosphate rock was investigated for use in the wet flue gas desulfurization method and with this aim a multi-phase continuous flux reactor was used.


To investigate the effect of temperature on absorption, temperature was varied during experiments while gas concentration, gas flow, mixing rate and sludge concentration were fixed. Additionally measurements were made under the same conditions for water not containing the phosphate rock. Later with the aid of measurements of entry and exit gas flows with an analyzer, the molar amount of absorbed SO2 per unit area in unit time, in other words molar flux (NSO2), was calculated. In conclusion the variation in absorbed SO2 within water and the suspension with temperature was investigated and interpreted.

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