A Hyperheuristic Approach for Dynamic Multilevel Capacitated Lot Sizing with Linked Lot Sizes for APS implementations

Mahmut Ali GöKÇE, Berkay Beygo, Turgut Ekmekçi
759 258


This study is concerned with solving real-life sized APS problems practically. Specifically, the problem of Multilevel Capacitated Lot Sizing Problem with linked lot sizes (MLCLSP-L) is considered. The problem is a classical, practical and notoriously hard problem. We propose a new modeling technique for MLCLSP-L based on a GA-driven hyperheuristic, which enables modeling of some issues previously not modeled. Proposed model uses an indirect representation by allowing GA search through a space of low level heuristics. Each one of the low level heuristics is simple and determines the detailed production plan of a machine in a period. The solution is constructed through combination of these low level heuristics. New model is demonstrated by solving moderate size test problem along with software developed.

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