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In this essay I will attempt to articulate and defend the view that the puzzle of Theseus’ ship is not paradoxical from the viewpoint of an individual artefact-essentialist account. After introducing two marginal opposite solutions – spatio-temporal continuity and original part as the conditions of identity – I will argue in favour of a revised version of spatio-temporal continuity of form account. To do this, the necessity of revision will be presented in virtue of Carter’s counter argument, which calls attention to the processes of renovation and reconstruction, through the introduction of two possible worlds containing different combinations of these processes. The same line of reasoning, which defends original part as an identity criterion, will be used to challenge his argument. However, the problem of intermittent existence, which is revealed by this reasoning and leads the case to a paradox, will be used to revise spatio-temporal continuity argument. In this regard, an individual essential property will be presented by expressing two significant concepts in the artefact’s identity: possessing a certain timeline and a particular function. It will be articulated that this essential property will avoid the recycling problem, which Mackie presents. I will conclude that this property is the individual essence that enables identification of single individual artefacts in terms of temporal possibility.


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