2.45 Ghz De Yüksek Kazançlı Mikroşerit Anten Yama Anten Tasarımı ve Gerçekleştirimi

Muharrem KARAASLAN, Emin ÜNAL, Zafer ÖZER, Şaban YILMAZ
4.179 1.528


This work presents the design of high-gain directional microstrip patch antenna for operation at 2.45 GHz. Low cost of fabrication and low profile features of microstrip antennas, attract many researchers to investigate the performance of this antenna in various ways. The study includes of the development of a three-dimensional antenna model, antenna simulation, fabrication and analysis of results based on various outputs of the Ansoft–HFSS (High Frequency Structure Simulator) software package. Wideband operation and high gain was observed in designed microstrip patch antenna.


Microstrip antenna, HFSS.

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