Secure Data Transmission in Computer and Mobile Device over Bluetooth

Mehmet Ali ÖZÇELİK, M.Kemal KIYMIK
1.060 182


Bluetooth is a technology that provides wireless communication in short distance and uses 2.4 GHz Industrial-Scientific-Medical (ISM) radio-frequency band. Bluetooth technology supplies wireless data and voice communication with the technique enabling to integrated to all equipments and having low power consumption and being cheap. That the environment of Bluetooth communication is wireless and open for all users causes lack in security. Because of these reasons, security protocols and methods that are peculiar to wireless network bluetooth area have been developed.

In this paper, the structure of Bluetooth technology system was explained, the security methods that Bluetooth technology uses were investigated and security lacks of the system were tried to be found out. To make the system more secure, We concentrated how the security mechanisms can be improved. Also two applications of these method is realized on mobile phones and computer.


Bluetooth, Bluetooth Security, Cryptography, Encryption , Symmetric Key

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