Determination of Microbial Dynamics and Some Metabolite Formation of Semi-Dried Tarhana Produced from Home-Made Yoghurt

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In this study, home-made yoghurt samples was used for making tarhana and microbial and metabolic features of different semi-dried tarhana samples were analyzed. Lactic acid bacteria and yeasts were isolated from home-made yoghurt and semi-dried tarhana. Molecular characterization of isolates was performed with PCR approach using species-specific primers. Each sample was analyzed in terms of metabolite profile by using HPLC. Lactic acid contents of yoghurt were varied between 27.87±1.61 and 165.32±0.30µg/g, while this acid was between 1.70±0.35 and 22.03±1.05 µg/g values in semi-dried tarhana. Acetaldehyde was found in the range of 15.32±2.56 and 179.37±3.99µg/g in yoghurt and of 1.89±0.25 and 61.08±1.35 µg/g in semi-dried tarhana.


Yoghurt, tarhana, yoghurt starter cultures, lactic acid and acetaldehyde metabolite

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