Antalya İli’nde Su Ürünleri Yetiştiricilik Sektörü ve Pazarlama Durumu

Erkan GÜMÜŞ, Serpil YILMAZ
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In Turkey, the aquaculture sector that is rapid progress has also become an important sector for Antalya province as in other provinces in recent years. Antalya Province have an important potential both marine and inland water for aquaculture. However, it is not possible to talk about this potential can be used effectively because of an important tourist resort of Antalya Province. Nevertheless, a total of 5482 tons / year capacity has been operating 86 licensed farms consisting of 76 trout and 3 carp in inland waters, 4 sea bream and sea bass and 3 tuna in the marine in Antalya Province in 2009. In terms of number of farms in Turkey, percentage number of farms in Antalya province is of 4.9 % and as capacity is consists of 2.8 %. In addition, Antalya province is the most important centre of tuna farming, and provides an important income in the country's economy. In this study, it was aim to determine aquaculture potential, current production status, distribution channels and problems of marketing of Antalya province taking place Turkey's Mediterranean region. The sustainable development of aquaculture activities in Antalya was also tried to explain with SWOT analysis.

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Aquaculture, Production, Marketing, SWOT Analysis, Antalya.

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