Balık yemlerinde alternatif bitkisel protein kaynağı olarak fındık küspesi kullanımı

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It is not possible to produce and consume cheap fish unless the feed problem in aquaculture is solved. Therefore the ways of utilizing from each type of food is investigated. With the increase in the information about the nutrient requirements of fishes, the usage of plant foodstuffs in addition to animal based foodstuffs in fish feeds is examined. In order to compensate the protein-rich raw material requirement of feed industry which has developed rapidly in Turkey, plant foodstuffs that have been produced in our country but their usage opportunities in fish feeds are not known and quantities to be used are not proved scientifically yet should be examined and biological studies should be made with these feeds. Therefore it is thought that hazelnut meal is a plant protein source suitable for our country. Turkey is ranked as number one in the world hazelnut production and exports by making 80% of the world production and approximately 70% of the world exports. In general hazelnut meal is obtained by processing the hazelnuts that are surplus, not having opportunities for selling abroad and not being of the quality required for supplying into the mdiğet. In addition to the usage of hazelnut meal in poultry feed, its usage in fish feeds also is being investigated recently. In this review, a comprehensive abstract of the studies that were made about the nutrient content of hazelnut meal and its usability in fish feeds are given.

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Plant foodstuff, hazelnut meal, fish feed

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