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Dealloying is a selective leaching of one component in a multicomponent alloy so as to produce a nanoporous structure. In this study, it was aimed to produce nanoporous Ni coating by selective leaching of Zn in a Zn-Ni alloy. To achieve this, first the Zn-Ni alloy was obtained by electrodeposition in a bath containing Zn and Ni salts. Then, dealloying was performed at different concentrations of NaOH solution. Dealloying led to crack formation in the coatings which thus prevented the formation of porous structure. This was attributed to insufficient surface diffusion of nickel which for the leaching rate employed was to slow to form an interconnected skeleton of Ni as porous structure.

SEM image of coatings after dealloying showing crack formation a) 0.75 M NaOH, b) 2 M NaOH.


Nanoporous Ni; Ni-Zn; Electrodeposition; Dealloying

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