Baran Tunc
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3D printing has been attracted much attention around the world due to its high potential of new application fields. In this respect, developing and inventing new filament materials for 3D printers or new techniques of 3D printing are the main interest of the many materials scientists. This paper reports a comprehensive overview of 3D printing followed by a summary of my ongoing study of building a composite homemade 3D printer. At this stage of this study, a CNC router was successfully converted into a fully-functional and high-specifications 3D printer. Result-ing device has 600mm x 500mm x 200mm (L x W x H) of printing capability and 100 microns of precision. In addition to its extended printing capability, this 3D printer is highly cost-efficient and it can be adaptable to other CNC instruments and customizable by every means. Open-Source software, modular hardware and replaceable parts are the main advantages of our home-made 3D printer.


3D printing, Polymer filament, Homemade 3D printer

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