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Nanotechnology is the science and engineering of functional systems conducted at nanoscale that is between 1 and 100 nanometers. In the past years, it has been demonstrated that nanowires can be used in many areas, increasing their popularity. These areas primarily include ap-plications related to energy, environment and electronics. In these applications, many prototype products have been demonstrated with nan-owires, such as solar cells, flexible displays, transistors and light emitting diodes. Silver nanowires (Ag NWs) are the most commonly used metal-lic nanowire due to its high conductivity and stability. However, its high cost is a drawback and alternative nanowires should be demonstrated. Copper nanowires (Cu NWs) are promising candidates, mainly because they are cheaper and their electrical conductivity is close to that of Ag NWs. With this intention, here in this paper, we explore solution-based synthesis of copper nanowires.


Copper Nanowire Synthesis, Copper (II) chloride (CuCl2), Hexadecylamine (HDA), Glucose

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