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Biomimicry is an art which adopts the nature to science. Basically, it is the name of an art which converts the birds to the planes. It finds the qualities which the humanity does not have, the evolution gave to the nature. Moreover, it discovers these qualities and makes available for humanity with scientific methods. Therefore, as far as its relation to material science as concerned, it is the most important inter-disciplinary science field for humanity. Hence, when this scientific value and this natural art are combined, one can see an amazing scientific research area. In this review paper, both the past and the future of this scientific research area were investigated. In line with this, the improvement of biomimicry with time and current research about material science are also investigated by reviewing literature. All these analyses will, then, will show how great this science field is which combines material science and biomimicry. Thus, the humanity will be able to perceive the significance of bio-mimicry based on material science because of the fact that material science and biomimetics are two inseparable scientific areas.

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