Simultaneous Bony Mallet Fingers of Two Phalanx in a Patient: A Rarely Seen Case Report

Erdal Uzun
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Mallet finger deformity is a common hand injury and usually occurs after a direct impact of sudden and extreme trauma forcing the distal interphalangeal 

Mallet finger deformity is a common hand injury and usually occurs after a direct impact of sudden and extreme trauma forcing the distal interphalangeal joint to get flexion with an extended proximal interphalangeal joint. Deformity is especially associated with ball use disrupting the extensor mechanism at the base of distal phalanx. Mallet finger deformity in acute stage can be treated by immobilization of distal interphalangeal joint with hyperextension splints. But the surgery becomes the choice in delayed cases and if there is a fracture including more than one third of articular surface of distal interphalangeal joint or distal phalanx volar subluxation. In the literature there are great sum of studies including mallet finger deformities as simultaneous, bilateral or multiple variations and treatment strategies. But in the literautre there is no study about simultaneous bony mallet fingers deformity reported. Here, we present the case of a 30 year old female with simultaneous bony mallet fingers in the third and fourth ray and the conservative treatment of with splinting for six weeks. At the last time follow up the patient was able to use her hand without any diffuculty and she had full range of motion of distal interphalangel joint.


Bony mallet finger; Simultaneous; Treatment; Conservative

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