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This is a relay race. Someone starts and young ones or forever youngs pass the flag through generations.

At the end of the words I turn back to the beginning, the language thing. Of course the "shape" and the "structure" of a text are important, but the most important thing is to be able to express the ideas. It is like the expression is more important than what writes in the code as the former makes the phenotype.

Yes, these were foreign words from the great heritage of my glorious past, but love was all inside of me with no reason at all.

Let's start this Medical Genetics journey somewhere from our hearts; with love, the most universal language.

Celebrating hundredth anniversary of Çanakkale, I dedicate this work to the eternal memory of medical students of Mekteb-i Tıbbiye-yi Şahane, who all died as whole 1915 class during WWI.

Let's see what waits us ahead... Sincerely,

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