Mutlu Tekir, Engin Gedik, Erol Arcaklıoğlu, Murat Calapkulu, Mehmet Cem Kasap
1.616 452


Pressure regulators are mechanical devices that control the motion of the machines or flow of fluids to meet specific standards. Service pressure regulators, that provide the pressure range in which end-user can use natural gas, have the capability of shut-off gas in unexpected conditions without endangering operating medium. Service pressure regulators reduce 4-6 bar upstream pressure to generally 21 mbar downstream pressure. In this study a two-stage pressure regulator has been designed, and flow characteristics of the regulator have been analyzed numerically by Ansys Fluent that runs based on finite volume technique. According to the results obtained from numerical study, optimum rate of orifice gaps of each stages in the regulator has been determined, and taking account of basic flow characteristics like parameters of pressure drop, velocity scatter, etc., results are presented in graphics and discussed in detail.

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