Yeşim Dağlıoğlu, Dilek Kabakcı, Gökhan Akdeniz, Mutlu Sönmez Çelebi
1.695 388


The use of engineering nanomaterials on a large scale along with their production, and their potential effects on the environment and on human health as well as their environmental emission have increased these concerns. For this reason, nanoparticles which are released into the environment are necessary determine the toxicity by using indicator organisms. With this study, it was aimed that the acute toxic effects of Polyvinylferrocene (PVF+)-supported platinum (Pt) nanoparticle (Pt/PVF+ NPs), Poly(vinylferrocenium) (PVF+) and K2PtCl4 be evaluted comparatively by using the honey bees (Apis Mellifera). LC50 values for 48 and 96 hours of these substances respectively; 713.290 ve 6.899 mg/l for K2PtCl4; 12458374.000 ve 178.262 mg/l for Pt/PVF+ NPs and 148.153 ve 0.344 mg/l for PVF+. When we look at this value, the toxic effect for all three substance had increased on a serious level, depending on the exposure time.

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