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It has been highlighted the usage of barium hexaferrite as a radar absorbing material in the polymer composites in our previous works. With this respect in this study, finer barium hexaferrite powders were obtained, and a comparison has been done on the radar absorbing properties by means of usage of micro and Nano-size powders reinforced composite coatings. Barium hexaferrite powders were synthesized by Sol-Gel method in Nano-size with the hexagonal molecular structure obtained powders were added to a polyurethane resin to interpolate radar absorbing property with different loading levels. Later on, metal substrates were coated with those polymeric composites. Besides characterization tests, such as particle size analysis, X-Ray Diffraction, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), scratch test, radar absorbing test were performed with a Network Analyzer to indicate electromagnetic properties of barium hexaferrite reinforced composites. It was concluded that increasing barium hexaferrite powder amount in the composites increased radar absorbing performance. Additionally, by decreasing BaFe12O19 powder size to Nano scale, improved radar absorbing properties were obtained.

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