Fatih Aydemir, Aydın Çetin
1.579 343


Developing technology, communication and transportation facilities have led borders to the gradual disappearance. The incidents taking place in different countries go beyond the limits and being felt by large audiences. Solutions to rapidly increasing terrorist attacks and internal turmoil caused security problems in recent years which have become very complicated. Protecting and controlling the borders, finding rapid and comprehensive solutions to illegal border passing problems have become a major problem in many countries. When considering the scope of the border security, it would be understood to examine the data which comes at different times from different sources and types in real time. This can be achieved by a collaboration of different principles. In addition, when large-scale unstructured data analysis also considered for a comprehensive solution, it would be a rational method to develop a pipeline using the Big Data technologies. In this study, we aim to achieve cost-effective, robust, scalable and flexible system to solve the border security problems. The use of Lambda Architecture which provides real time data processing and batch processing capabilities was investigated in border security applications. System development was explained and all information on its principles was provided.

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