Mehmet Ali Altın
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Furniture design in interior design courses at Universities are often held in design studios or in theoretical classes. In theoretical classes the practical output of furniture production is ignored and it lacks of an important input from production. This situation is compensated by applied classes in wood workshops which are established with a limited variety of production techniques. As most of the industrial products furniture is made out of many components and materials. These are produced in industrial establishments by installation of required production techniques. Instead of producing a marketable product, in interior design courses the aim is to have an experience of furniture production due to that they do not have all possible production techniques installed in workshops.

In this paper, a joint project between academia, which is more close to design and industry, which is more close to production will be discussed with a focus on benefits of this collaboration for both sides. Paper comprises an evaluation of a one term experience of interior design students in collaboration with laminated wood furniture factory. 

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