Hızır Volkan Görgün, Öner Ünsal
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Popularity of solid wood which has many positive features, decreased due to increasing popularity of both wood-based products and non-wood products such as metal, plastic, fiber-particle board etc. with technological improvement. However interest to solid wood material increased with ecological awareness and featured natural solid wood product designs in recent years. Naturally share of furniture industry can not be ruled out to effect of the increment.

In this study, increasing value of solid wood will be tried to explain with natural solid wood products which were previously evaluated defective or waste and effect of furniture industry appealing more to end-user. However increasing natural-life awareness caused to orient end-users towards to natural products like solid wood. In recent years the developed technologies such as high frequency-vacuum drying and thermal-treatment technologies contributed positively by reason of adding value to solid wood with increasing features without using addictives, as a result of that these techniques expanded usage area of solid wood.

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