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As like in all design branches, ecological materials used in furniture design are becoming very important. This is because of the fact that, natural resources are limited, whereas human wants are unlimited in our world. For this reason, designs made of ecological materials are becoming very interesting nowadays. The common characteristics of these designs comprise the most environment friendly, sustainable, the least distorting effect on environment and the most economical usage. The most important characteristics of these ecological materials are that they are renewable, recyclable, free from addicted materials, and least distortive effect on environment. The application of these materials provides both simplicity and figuration. In addition to these using ecological materials gives shapes to the furniture and usage. This paper covers those materials used in furniture design and the applications, undertaken by the furniture-producing firms in Turkey. As a research method, firstly I classify various ecological materials used as an input in the production process.  Secondly, some researches undertaken in the ecological design field will be analyzed. Lastly, activities of the firms producing furniture made of ecological materials. In the conclusion section a general evaluation will be made.

Keywords: Ecological Materials, Furniture, Design

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