Süleyman Şenol, Mehmet Budakçı
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The wood material has been the most preferable material in order to  meet the needs of accommodation, transport and social since human beings existed. The different “Wood Modification Methods” has been  developed as a result of all the scientific studies and researches in order to remove the negative characteristics of the wood material from  centuries ago to nowadays. The wood material is usually admitted as too soft and too weak for structural applications required hardness and durability. However, the wood material increased density can be an  alternative for other structural materials. Most of the wood material  mechanical characteristics are related to density. A lot of studies have  been carried out to develop the suitable operation, because the  densification of wood material increases mechanical characteristics and hardness of wood material. By means of densification, low-density wood material is converted to high-density wood material, and its trade value is increased. In this study, from the environment friendly modification methods which is used to modify wood material and to improve mechanical strength properties of wood Thermo-Hygro-Mechanic (THM), Viscoelastic-Thermal-Compression (VTC), Thermo-Mechanic (TM) and the new application Thermo-Vibro-Mechanic (TVM) have been investigated.

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