Gürcan GÜRGEN, serdar yeşilyurt, Onur Çaliskan, Erkan Yılmaz
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In this study, actual glaciers of Alada?lar which is one of the most important glaciation areas of Anatolia are investigated. As a result of the research, it is determined that the actual glaciers of the research area are covered with debris layer. The debris cover is the most important factor for existence of these glaciers until today. The debris-covered glaciers are different from the normal glaciers because of their responds differ to environmental changes. However, it is also very difficult to discover the debris-covered glaciers in the high mountainous areas by naked eye. These glaciers which are covered by snow in the most of the year can't be recognized easily, and also can be confused with the rock glaciers because of the debris cover when the snow melts. Because of its geomorphologic, lithologic and climatologic conditions Alada?lar has many debris-covered glaciers. Some of these glaciers have been known previously and some have been just discovered have got immensely significance in order to indentify the paleoenvironmental characteristic of the area and application some recent approaches.


Glacial Morphology, Debris-Covered Glaciers, Alada?laR, Yedigöller Plateau, Emli Valley,

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