Nevzat GUMUS
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The main aim of the study is making clear the relationships amongst, demographic change, migration and urbanization in rural areas in Turkey. Most of researchers in country investigate the affect of internal migration in cities. So, the important part of migrants prefer to settle down metropolises or the developed cities as industrial, commercial and touristic activities, but especially after 1980s some of the migrants prefer to live the rural settlements on the sea shore the touristic activities prevalent and around the metropolises. Therefore, the population of these areas has increased rapidly with internal migration since 1980. In time, the areas have urbanized according to changes of population and have integrated with nearest metropolis and a big city or caused to become as a new town and city. Consequently, to examine demographic changes of the rural settlements together urban settlements present importance. Using from 1950 to 2000 censuses results are fundamental in study. Data have been utilized using basic statistical methods and this study seeks to answer "How much does the internal migration affect on demographic changes of rural settlements?". As a result; the rural settlements, which developed aspect to agriculture, tourism and industry, keep going receiving internal migration and contribute to the urbanization process of Turkey in following years.


Rural settlement, urbanization, demographic change, ., .,

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